AMD Radeon RX 590, A Perfect Combination Of Price And Performance

Higher clock speed, same power consumption.

Radeon RX 500 is AMD’s newly launched performance graphics card, built on Polarix 30 XT architecture. It is an improved version of the Polaris 20 chip of the RX 580, manufactured in 12nm, which brings about higher clock rates at a similar power consumption. There are some critics regarding AMD’s choice to use an old architecture, taken that straight process shrink is the easiest microprocessor’s update and Radeon RX 500 is a process shrink a two year old GPU. Aside from that, sitting at a $279 dollars, Radeon RX 590 presents a perfect combination of price and performance. Plus, it comes with a gaming bundle. But more about that later.

Overlook of technicalities and performance

Radeon RX 500 is manufactured in 12nm version of Polarix 30 XT which has 5,700 million transistors and a die size of 232 mm. Hence, there hasn’t been a change in transistor counts and die size. It has 8GB GDDR5 memory size and it uses 256 Bit memory interface. It features an improved turbo clock of 1545MHz compared to RX 580’s 1340MHz, 2304 shading units, 144 texture mapping units and 32 ROPs. It is a dual-slot card of 241 mm in length that has a dual-slot cooling solution. It has 1x 8-pin power connectors from which it draws power at 175W maximum. Its display outputs are made of 1x HDMI and 3x DisplayPort.

Asus RX 590

All in all, its overclocking did improve the system power and efficiency. It starts at 1080p at medium and ultra settings, 10 times faster that RX 580 8GB, which makes RX 590 the fastest sub-300$ graphics card at the moment well suited for 1080p gaming in max. With it, AMD claims wins in Deus Ex, Forza, Hitman amongst other few. A clear example that the best graphic card does not necessarily mean the most expensive one.

Price and Gaming Bundle

This is where the fun part comes! The initial Radeon RX 590 cards will come in a bundle with 3 games that are yet to come out which makes it a super gaming deal! With the $279 you get both an attractive RX500 and codes to Resident Evil 2 remake, Devil May Cry 5 (launching March 15th) and The Division 2 (launching March 8th). On top of that, with its highly advanced technologies, Radeon RX 590 stands as a great choice for high end gaming PC.

To conclude, AMD did a good job with Radeon RX 590. Even though it is not the most incredible offer on the market, it is a perfect combination of quality at a reasonable price.