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Xeon E5-2687W v3 and Radeon R9 290X - General Tasks - 1280 × 800 (WXGA)

Bottleneck calculation for Intel Xeon E5-2687W v3 and AMD Radeon R9 290X with screen resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels for General Tasks.


Intel Xeon E5-2687W v3 is processor manufactured by Intel and launched in Q4 2014 . It's using LGA2011-v3 socket. It has 10 cores and 20 threads with clock of 3.1 GHz that can turbo clock itself to 3.5 GHz . This processor is used in Server devices and can consume up to 160 watts of power .

Calculator result

Intel Xeon E5-2687W v3 and AMD Radeon R9 290X will work great together on 1280 × 800 pixels screen resolution for General Tasks.

This configuration has 0.0% of bottleneck . Everything less than 5% should not be concerned major bottleneck.

Component utilizations

While running general tasks, processor Intel Xeon E5-2687W v3 will be utilized 100.0% and graphic card AMD Radeon R9 290X will be utilized 100.0% .


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