What exactly is a GTX 1660TI? Well, we are going to make this explanation as simple as possible.
NVIDIA has done taking the taring architectures from the RTX cards and cut out both the tensor and RT partitions. What we’re left with is what’s called a T-U 1-1-6 which is GPU core without any RTX features, so forget running things about DLSS or ray-tracing.

However it uses the brand new touring architecture with a 12 nanometer manufacturing procces. Preformance loads better than a GTX 1060 for example.

Cool thing here is that with the turing architecture enhancements along GTX 1660TI also gets enhanced NVNC and NV decoder capabilities. That is pretty big deal for streamers! 1660TI sits right between the GTX 1060 6GB and the RTX 2060. It will start up at 280$, 1536-CUDA-cores and 6GB of 12 gigabits per second GDDR6 memory, operating over 192 bit memory BUS. The 1660TI is supposed to be an effective card which would make it perfect for ITX cases.

Here we can see GTX 1660 in the battle against GTX 1060 & RTX 2060

Mentioned GPU would fit perfectly for a completley stealth looking build that doesen’t really pop out. Also, there are serval types of GTX 1660TI. Difference is in number of fans, BASE-CLOCK, BOOST-CLOCK and price.

In the next steps you can see the strength of GTX 1660TI against others GPU’s :

Rainbow Six Siege
Battlefield 1