Intel Core i7-8700K huge increase in price

Here is the bad news for everyone who wanted to get Intel Core i7-8700K for the previously cheaper price. During the second half of September the price climbed from 350$ to 400$ on Newegg, which is a 14.2% increase. The excuse for such an increase in price is in the recent shortage of Intel processors.

Other Intel’s processors that got an increase in price:

  • Core i5-8600K from 250$ to 280$
  • Core i3-8100 from 110$ to 130$
  • Core i5-8500 from 210$ to 235$
  • Core i5-8400 from 182$ to 225$

If you don’t want to buy Core i7-8700K for such a high price you could wait all the way until the second half of 2019, when the processor shortage should be over, according to Martin Wong, president and CEO of ODM Compal Electronics. So, if you really want to buy the processor as soon as possible you should buy it now because the price could go even higher when the shortage will be bigger.

On the other hand, AMD’s processors prices are stable for now so if you don’t mind buying AMD’s processors you should consider buying the Ryzen 7 2700X as the closes rival of i7-8700K with the price of 320$ on Newegg. If you prefer Intel’s processors then you must decide if you want to wait for the processor shortage to finish or buy it at now higher price.