Is It Even Worth Buying i9-9900KF?

Intel Core i9-9900KF costs 582.50$ compared to it’s predecessor Intel Core i9-9900K , which costs 529.99$, you won’t get much of extra power for the 10% of price difference. Both processors are based on the Coffee Lake microarchitecture (14nm).

# of Cores8
# of Threads16
Processor Base Frenquency3.60 GHz
Max Turbo Frenquency5.00 GHz
Cache16MB SmartCache
Bus Speed8 GT/s DMI3

Intel’s Core i9-9900KF lacks integrated graphics, but includes all of the other features you get from Core i9-9900K, including high frequencies, 8 cores and a solder-based thermal interface material for improving cooling performance.

However, there is tiny reason to pick up an Core i9-9900KF over the Core i9-9900K. Many people would point out that having integrated graphics on a processor is extremely useful for diagnosing system malfunctions.
Right now i9-9990KF is the fastest mainstream processor on the market. If in the near future the price doesn’t fall, we would recommend you i9-9900K to have almost same experience for lower price.