Top 10 Used Gaming GPU’s For Under 100$

This graphic cards will offer you decent gaming experience.

Today we are going to talk about something very interesting. We will talk about graphics cards. But this time our topic is not the brand new graphics card. This time we will talk about what are the best used GPU’s for gaming under 100$!

Prices are not the same in every country. Prices can vary a lot so we can’t garantee that you will find them for these prices. Of course when you decide to buy something used, be sure that everything works just fine. Check it before buying.

Cheap but goldGTX 570


This GPU has 480 CUDA Cores, GDDR5 memory and it uses about 200W of power. GTX 570 will play most games at 1080p on low settings and it’s great for playing games in 720p.
PRICE: 24$

Radeon HD 7850

Radeon HD 7850

Solid entry level card which uses 130W power and has GDDR5 memory, it will run most games at 1080p on low settings. It will play even PUBG on very low settings at 1080p, great card for this price.
PRICE: 37$

“It’s Still popular” GTX 750 Ti

Geforce 750Ti

Even in 2019 people are still using this GPU! Greatful GPU, and it uses just 60W of power and it will fit in any case, it’s great for OEM PCs and it will play most games at 1080p on very low settings.
PRICE: 52$


GTX 660 Ti

Very good graphics gard for 1080p gaming especially with its 2GB VRAM buffer, it will play games like APEX Legends on low settings at 1080p.
Minimum system power requirement for this GPU is 450W.
PRICE: 55$


Great Graphics Card that sits right between GTX 1050TI and GTX 760. Average G3D Mark for this GPU is 5815 which is not bad at all, it will run most games on medium setting at 1080p.
PRICE: 73$

GTX 960


They cards are very good for 1080p gaming at medium settings even high settings on some titles. If u want to use this GPU be ready because this GPU eats power. It requires PSU that can deliver 600W of power.
PRICE: 75$

gtx 770

Radeon R9 280X

R9 280X have 3GB VRAM buffer so they are very attractive for 1080p gaming on high settings, even newest titles will run on medium settings at 1080p without any problem.
PRICE: 79$

Radeon R9 280X

Radeon RX 570

Built with 14 nm technology, AMD has placed 4,096 MB of GDDR5 memory on this card. They are connected using a 256-bit memory interface. This card sits right between GTX 1050TI and GTX 970 and it’s absolutely awesome GPU for 1080p medium/high gaming.
PRICE: 92$

RX 570


For sure all of us have friends who are using GTX 1050Ti and they are super satisfied with it. It’s great graphics card and it can play any title on high or ultra high settings. Best part of all is it’s availability. A lot of people are selling GTX 1050TI so you can find it on very decent price in 2019.
PRICE: 95$

GTX 1050 Ti


Absolutely beast for it’s price. Average G3D Mark for this GPU is 9087 and that is just brilliant. With this GPU you can play any title at 1080p on high or ultra high settings. Highly recommended for any “budget” gaming PC.
PRICE: 99$

GTX 1060